Founded by artists and curators Aman Askarizad and Parsa Kamehkhosh, The Other Side is an art platform with a focus on performance art located in Martinlaakso, Vantaa, Finland. Inspired by the dialectical essence of ping-pong, where the perpetual volley of the ball epitomizes the foundational principle of dialogue and reciprocity, our approach is to transmute the ephemeral nature of performance art into a vibrant discourse of aesthetic and intellectual exchange—an interactive voyage that challenges, connects, and transforms.

The Other Side conducts all its activities in Vantaa city, with a mission to contribute to turning Vantaa into a vibrant cultural hub for performance art enthusiasts. We are dedicated to curating and organizing a range of events, including live performance festivals, video performance screenings, and educational programs. The Other Side is supported by the Kone Foundation.

Co-Founder & Co-Curator

Co-Founder & Co-Curator

Aman Askarizad (he/his) is a visual artist, photographer, and producer based in Vantaa. As a multidisciplinary artist, he is interested in using different media to create works, situations, and conversations that unravel power dynamics and highlight the ethics of encountering others. His research focuses on the politics of representation in art and music. He is motivated to explore the possibilities within art circles to promote inclusivity and collaborative efforts. He's driven to promote inclusivity and tackle challenges posed by power dynamics and hierarchies through open dialogue and collective problem-solving.

Parsa Kamehkhosh is a performance artist and designer currently residing in Vantaa, Finland. His practice explores the matter of “being in the world” in the context of the interaction between daily life and the notion of life on the existential level. He often employs objects and materials as manifestations of contemporary human everyday aesthetics and in relation to various narratives (sometimes “religious” narratives) that define the position of humans in the universe and beyond. His works maneuver on the borders of the inner and external worlds, natural and supernatural, seen and unseen. His art spans various media, with a primary focus on performance art, and has been showcased predominantly in Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

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